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Publon Writing Guide

This guide offers recommendations for formatting a publon. A submitted publon with an alternative format can be edited by 42 Degrees to match the recommended format, or published in its existing format.

Publon sections

~1,200 words (excluding bibliography).

Provide a title that offers information about the hypothesis or conclusions.

Include as authors those that contribute under the CRediT taxonomy.

Paragraph 1: Main Finding & Significance
Paragraph 2: Background & Hypothesis / Question
Paragraph 3: Methods & Results

The Context section is similar to traditional Background or Introduction sections. Briefly describe the main motivation for the research, e.g., history of the topic, application of the results, etc. Ideally this section includes a main question being addressed.

Captions for display items are meant to contribute details that are not in the figures or tables or text of other sections. The following figures are recommended.

Figure 1: Hypothesis & Conclusions Infographic
Create a schematic that represents the hypothesis being tested, and how the conclusions from the research compare to those predicted based on the hypothesis. This should be in infographic format and will serve as the basis for a 30-second video. Please include a detailed caption that could be used to prepare the video script.

Figure 2: Materials & Methods
Guide the reader through the research process used to test the hypothesis.

Two additional display items (figures or tables)
Show the reader the data that support the conclusions.

Include a short discussion of any drawbacks of the research and how they might be improved in the future. After the publon has been reviewed, this section can address reviewer or editor concerns.

Include references cited in any commonly used format.

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